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. Name Position Specialties
Shu-Yii Wu Professor Reactor design
Shu-Yii Wu Professor Powder technology
Shu-Yii Wu Professor Bio-hydrogen production technology
Shu-Yii Wu Professor Electrochemical deposition technology
Hou-Hsein Chu Professor Colloidal Science
Hou-Hsein Chu Professor Rubber Technology
Hou-Hsein Chu Professor Emulsion Polymerization
Hou-Hsein Chu Professor Physical Chemistry of Polymer
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Quality Engineering
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Resource Planning and Allocation
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor E-Business Analysis and Planning
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Project Performance and Management
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Industrial Engineering and Management
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Preventive Maintanence and Management
Yau-Ren Shiau Professor Supply Chain Performance and Management
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor composite
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor Nanomaterials
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor carbon fibers
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor nano-carbon materials
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor material micro-structures
Wen-Shyong Kuo Professor microscopic damage analysis
Po-Wen Hwang Professor Jet Propulsion
Po-Wen Hwang Professor Turbulence Theory
Po-Wen Hwang Professor Combustion Theory
Po-Wen Hwang Professor Micro-Scale Thermal-Fluid
Po-Wen Hwang Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics
Yi-Chi Wang Professor System Simulation
Yi-Chi Wang Professor Supply Chain Management
Yi-Chi Wang Professor Manufacturing Processes
Yi-Chi Wang Professor Prouction Planning and Control
Yi-Chi Wang Professor Lean Manufacturing/Lean Enterprise Systems
Yu-Ching Weng Professor Electrochemistry
Yu-Ching Weng Professor Electrocatalysts
Yu-Ching Weng Professor Electrochemical sensors
Yu-Ching Weng Professor Applications of scanning electrochemical microscopy
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Scheduling
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Simulation
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Statisitic
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Optimization
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Operations Research
Yang-Kuei Lin Professor Design of Experiment
Chi-Chang Wang Professor Thermal design and decision
Chi-Chang Wang Professor Sensor design and intelligent decision making
Chi-Chang Wang Professor Tool machine thermal design, fast heat and thermal
Wen-Cheng Chen Professor Biomaterials
Wen-Cheng Chen Professor Material Analysis
Wen-Cheng Chen Professor Polymer Chemistry
Wen-Cheng Chen Professor Medical Engineering
Wen-Cheng Chen Professor Functional Fiber Composites
Ruei-Hung Hsu Associate Professor CAD/CAM 
Ruei-Hung Hsu Associate Professor HMI Programming
Ruei-Hung Hsu Associate Professor Gear and Gear Cutter Design
I-Hsiang Tseng Associate Professor
I-Hsiang Tseng Associate Professor
I-Hsiang Tseng Associate Professor
I-Hsiang Tseng Associate Professor
I-Hsiang Tseng Associate Professor
Meng-Ju lin Associate Professor MEMS mechanics
Meng-Ju lin Associate Professor micro-optic-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS)
Chi-Wei Lin Associate Professor design chain management
Chi-Wei Lin Associate Professor high-speed machine tool design
Chi-Wei Lin Associate Professor product design and development management
Chi-Wei Lin Associate Professor Sustainable relocation site optimization decisions
Wen-Chieh Chuang Assistant Professor Innovation Management
Wen-Chieh Chuang Assistant Professor Business Intelligence
Wen-Chieh Chuang Assistant Professor Information Management
Wen-Chieh Chuang Assistant Professor Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business